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We’re a crew of ordinary guys trying to make an extraordinary mark on the world of modafinil shipping. Here at Buy Modafinil, we believe in pure quality, be it the product, the packaging or the delivery. We have considerable experience in drop-shipping with over a 100,00 satisfied customers. To know something for certain, you need to experience it. All we ask for is your trust and for you to rest assured that we will deliver.
Modafinil has a certain magic to it: it keeps you going when your body just cannot keep up. Give us a chance to share this magic with you. Supercharge your mind NOW!
“It’s not done till it ships – Steve Jobs”


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Now that we’ve explained how modafinil can benefit you, you must be wondering what’s in it for us. When you browse through the world of online or pharmaceutical companies, what do you see? Aesthetically pleasing storefronts that read your every desire from your brain? Reviews by satisfied customers who’ve had pleasant experiences ordering from these stores? Modern online shops that make you believe they possess the resources to ensure your security? Well, not exactly.
Secondly, if you take a look at health-care systems world over, what do you see? Drugs that are affordable, which contribute to your wellbeing, or rather sickness? Big pharmaceutical companies dishing out millions to stay competitive through premium products instead of engaging in legal tussles to safeguard their market? Registered entities selling all kinds of controlled substances to customers because an expensive war on drugs would corrupt entire state systems? Again, not exactly.
Third and final question. Do you feel completely safe with using your credit card to make online purchases?… Well, that was a speedy answer. We’re rectifying all of this.


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We ship worldwide using the world-renowned Express Mail Service. EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union.


Parcels are dispatched within 12 hrs. Our packages can be tracked on all international servers by using the EMS tracking number that is provided to you shortly after purchase.


Our credit card payment gateway is super secure, so do not worry. We use a well-established, trustworthy credit card processing service, so all your information is completely secure.

Authentic Pills

100% authentic pills, best on market. Modafinil and armodafinil have been approved by the FDA of the United States under their original brand names “Provigil” and “Nuvigil”. Our products contain the exact same amount of modafinil of the same laboratory-grade purity.